Learn More About Quick Count

Quick Count is the new fast-paced strategic football card game played by two people, ages seven to adult. A typical game lasts approximately 30 minutes. With Quick Count, you can complete passes, run the ball, kick field goals and stop your opponent's big play - all with a 54-card deck that fits in your pocket, purse, briefcase, or backpack.

Each deck of Quick Count features three main cards: Run, Pass and Catch. Each card has yardage ranging from five to 75 yards. The deck also includes one special field goal and one penalty card.

Players get three cards in their hand and try to move down field by playing cards face up on the table. In order to complete a "pass play" you must play a "pass card" and a "catch card" with matching yardage. The goal is to move downfield to score a touchdown. The trick is that you must move exactly 100 yards - so if you are 10 yards from the end zone you cannot make a 20-yard pass or run. Because of this rule, sometimes you move down field very quickly but end up getting stuck in the "red zone" for a while.

There is plenty of strategy each step of the way in this fast-paced game. Should you move down field five or 10-yards at a time, or should you take a chance and try for the big play? There are big plays in the deck - such as a 75-yard pass and catch. However, the odds are much greater the bigger the play. You also have to be on the ball and know where your opponent is at all times, so you don't throw the wrong card to the discard pile and give him a card that he can immediately use.

Quick Count is fast, strategic and competive. One game might be low-scoring; the next might be high-scoring. Often the games are very close, but sometimes you might be on one side of a big win or a big loss. Each Quick Count game is different. You will want to play over and over!