Quick Count Rules: 2 Players and NEW 4 Player Rules

For 2 Players:

To Begin:
• Deal both players three cards, face down.
• Then, turn one card up and place the rest of the deck face down.

To Win the Game:
• The game lasts four quarters. Each quarter is one time through the deck.
• Players score points by advancing exactly 100 yards through run, pass and catch cards; or by kicking a field goal. Each touchdown is worth seven points and each field goal worth three. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. In case of a game-ending tie, shuffle all cards and begin an overtime period playing the normal game rules. First one to score wins.

The Play:
• At the beginning of each turn, the player chooses the top card from the face-up pile or the top card from the deck.
• Play a run card or a matching pass and catch combination face up in front of you. Place each play next to one another so all players can see the yardage on the current drive.
• If you are able to successfully make a play, then draw from the deck the same number of cards you just played and repeat turn.
• In order to score a touchdown, you must advance exactly 100 yards on a drive (for instance you can’t play a 20-yard run card if you are on the 10-yard line).
• The drive continues as long as you are able to make a play. When unable to make a play, discard one card to the pile face-up, always ending each turn with three cards in your hand.
• At the end of the first and third quarters, pick up the pile and combine with the cards already used in scoring drives from all players. Shuffle and continue with the next quarter. Be sure to keep the cards in your hands and the current cards being used for a drive. At the end of the second quarter (halftime), pick up all cards in the deck and shuffle, then begin the third quarter.

The Strategy:
• You can play a run card anytime during your turn. You must play a pass and catch card together, and only if their yardage matches.
• There is one field goal card in each deck. You can play it anytime during your turn, once your current drive has advanced at least 70 yards. It is especially useful at the end of the 2nd and 4th quarters.
• There is one penalty card in each deck. You can strategically play it to negate a big or key play by your opponent. You must play the card before your opponent makes another play.
• There is ongoing strategy as to which cards to keep and which to discard, as you move downfield while also trying to keep your opponent from advancing as well.

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These rules are also found on two rules cards in each Quick Count deck.

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NEW! For 4 Players:

By popular demand, we are pleased to introduce new game rules to accomodate 4 players!

4-Player Rules · All rules from the 2-player games apply. · Use one deck. · Teammates sit across the table from one another (alternating spots between teams). · All four players do not play their own drive. Instead, each team shares a drive. The player who puts down the first card of any drive “hosts” that team’s drive. Either teammate can make plays on the drive when it is their turn. An optional addition to this game is to adopt the “pick it up” rule. Both teams must agree to this style of play before the game begins. If a player wants to pick up a card from the discard pile, he must tell his teammate to “pick up the card.” The teammate then picks up the top card from the discard pile. The player must immediately decide whether to pass that particular card to their teammate, or keep the card, and give their teammate another one from their hand. When passing the card to your teammate, keep the card face down. Play continues. The player adds that particular card to their hand. If they only have three cards in their hand at that point, then draw the top card off the team’s deck. A play or a discard then has to be made.